Welcome to the EPRS Revolution


Welcome to EPRS - Electronic Prepaid Recharge Service Ltd - the one-stop-shop for the widest, most flexible range of software-driven prepaid solutions for mobile telecommunications service operators, distributors and merchants.
Our proprietary, next-generation application operates across the whole value chain, end-to-end, from service provider to subscriber, enabling instant, real-time top-up of cellular devices, broadcast and other prepaid services without cards, without hassle - and, potentially, without limit!
With EPRS, customers can top-up their subscriptions from a merchant or retailer located just about anywhere in range of a mobile service. No cards required. And merchants don't even need a PC.




Traditional Top-Up Card Recharge

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) produces cards for pre-defined values and expiry dates
  • Distributor buys bulk supply from MNO and sells to retailer or other merchant
  • Merchant sells card to individual end user
  • End user scratches card for top-up code, which is keyed in and authorized
  • MNO recharges subscriber account

EPRS Cardless Recharge


  • MNO creates virtual top-ups with wide range of values at zero production cost
  • Distributor uses EPRS software to connect to MNO to access full range of products/values
  • Merchant uses EPRS on PC, POS equipment or mobile to access distributor's 'virtual stock' of airtime & issues voucher or instantly tops up subscriber
  • MNO recharges subscriber & confirms top up by SMS
The EPRS technology is particularly valuable in countries withestablished cellular markets but poor infrastructure, conferring benefits along the whole supply line for the Operator, Distributor and Merchant.
Mobile phones are just one of many prepaid telecommunications services for which EPRS provides a solution. Click here for more information on how EPRS works with satellite TV, VOIP and Internet Service Provision.